Dr. Julie A. Armstrong

Expert Witness – Psychology &

Psychiatric Nursing

Julie A. Armstrong, PsyD, RNCS  is a Psychologist and Clinical Nurse Specialist (Psychiatric/Mental Health), utilizing her 30 years of experience to provide Psychological Evaluations,  and Consulting, Teaching, and Expert Witness Services. (CA Lic Psy 16001)

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Psychological Assessment and Expert Witness Testimony for:

Expertise in the following:

  • Psychological Damages

  • Post Traumatic Stress (loss, injury, sexual assault)

  • Emotional Distress

  • Allegations of Harassment & Discrimination

  • Claimed Impairment

  • Suspected Malingering

  • Psychology Standards of Care

  • Psychiatric Nursing Standards of Care

Services Provided include:

  • Independent/Agreed Medical Exams – Adults & Children

  • Permanent Impairment / Disability

  • Fitness for Duty

  • Licensed Personnel (RN, LVN, Psychologist, etc.) Impairment

  • File Reviews to Determine Merits of a Claim or Case (C0nfidential reviews)

  • Aviation Personality Assessment and Psychology Evaluations

A speaker and educator, Dr. Armstrong provides continuing education for psychologists, and QME doctors, and is available to speak on a wide variety of medical-legal issues related to psychology evaluations.

Dr. Armstrong is a knowledgable and experienced witness, and has testified many times in Deposition, Court and Administrative hearings. She offers mentoring and consultation to other clinicians new at providing Expert Witness testimony.

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