Continuing Professional Education

The seminars offered by Psydocs are unlike any others available.

Dr. Armstrong’s seminars are directed specifically to psychologists and other physicians working in the medical-legal arena. In addition to the clinical issues that arise in each case, these seminars also address the medical-legal concepts that are a necessary aspect in the evaluation of injured workers, and in the Qualified Medical Evaluation. In addition to regular Case Consultation Seminars, there are clinically oriented seminars addressing the issues commonly seen in the injured workers.

All Psydocs seminars are approved for Continuing Professional Education credit for QME certification, and Licensed Psychologists can receive continuing professional education credit toward licensing renewal requirements.

Case Consultation Seminar

Every single evaluation is different. There are subtle nuances that influence your med-legal opinion, depending on the depth of the interview data, the results of the psychological testing and the medical records. Pulling it all together and integrating the information can be a daunting task; the learning curve is steep and the QME is required to meet a deadline. In the seminars we discuss exactly how to integrate the data into a tight report that can serve as evidence.

Psychologists are familiar with learning in a professional seminar style. The Case Consultation Seminar is designed to create a sense of vital, professional community for clinicians who evaluate and treat injured workers. This is a unique course for workers’ compensation psychologists, and offers a chance to learn from experts in the field.

Dr. Armstrong holds case consultation seminars on a quarterly basis. In the seminar, a case is presented by a group member, and the group participates in a seminar style discussion. The case is analyzed in detail and a range of opinions is generated – the presenting clinician offers the specific details that help the clinician to formalize the opinions. Participants learns to understand how to connect the data points, and generate an opinion that is both evidence-based and ratable. Issues of Causation, Disability and Apportionment are discussed in detail.

QME credit is given, and Professional Continuing Education for Psychologists is available. PsyDocs is approved by the California Psychological Association (provider Psy 062) to provide continuing professional education for psychologists. PsyDocs maintains responsibility for all program content.

Each Case Consultation Seminar is limited to 10 people. If there is interest, additional dates can be added or a seminar can be give in your clinic. Please contact Dr. Armstrong directly to make arrangements for a private seminar, or if you are interested in presenting your case at the seminar. Please feel free to suggest additional courses you wish to see offered.

Seminars are scheduled several times during the year. Please contact us for information on seminars and mentorship opportunities.

“This was one of the best presentations/seminars I have attended in the 18 years I have been a lawyer.”

Case Consultation Participant

 “I learned a great deal, while getting so many questions answered. All my expectations were surpassed. Very, very well done. Thanks so much.”

Case Consultation Participant

“A wonderful class with an excellent teacher. Group participation was highly encouraged, fantastic discussion, wonderful give-and-take.”

Case Consultation Participant